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Monday, March 22, 2010

It's a cat fight!

This is what it looks like most evenings when I finally sit down to watch some television or surf the web-

Itty Bit challenges for the blanket

The little one is Itty Bit our kitten who thinks he is the king of the house, which greatly offends Wasatch, our adult cat who knows she is the queen of the Wasted Electrons World Headquarters. These brawls take place on my lap sometime every evening when Itty Bit decides he is tired of napping and wants to show his stuff to the much sleepier Wasatch.

You can see all the kitten toys in the background and from all appearances our family room looks like we have a playland for cats going on, which I suppose we do. The BSU's feet also make an appearance, keeping warm next to the heater.

Anyway, it's a free for all on my lap!
As always, click the thumbnail to see the video that I shot with my iPhone.

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